TechEd 2008 North America のディープなセッション




How LINQ Works: A Deep Dive into the Implementation of LINQ (Alex Turner)

Want to know what really happens when you execute your favorite LINQ queries? Curious how the same query expression can target either in-memory data or relational data? In this 400-level talk, Alex Turner, the C# Compiler Program Manager, uses Reflector and other tools to reveal exactly how the compiler translates LINQ query expressions. Gain a deeper understanding of LINQ’s functional roots as we see how lambda expressions and iterator methods enable LINQ to Objects' elegant syntax. Then find out what's the same and what's radically different as we explore LINQ to SQL and the expression trees that make it tick.

Real-World LINQ to SQL (Anthony Sneed)

Take a deep dive into a real-world LINQ to SQL application that seeks to exploit the full capabilities of the object-relational mapping technology released with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. This talk focuses on best practices for incorporating LINQ to SQL into your data-driven Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation application, including the use of eager loading, pass-through SQL, batch updating with stored procedures, concurrency control, and disconnected scenarios. We also address object caching and identity issues, as well as support for distributed transactions.

Hardcore Reflection (Dustin Campbell)

In this session, we dig into advanced features of .NET Reflection that rarely see the light of day. Dynamic assemblies, loading assemblies for reflection-only, dynamic methods, and reflecting over generic types and methods are just a few of the topics that are covered. Throughout the session, we explore performance, memory, and security considerations, and of course, a few dirty tricks.

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