XNA Game Studio 2.0 (Beta) Release

masafumi さん のところより.

The XNA team is pleased to announce the Beta release of XNA Game Studio 2.0! This Beta release is your chance to try out the new features available in XNA Game Studio 2.0, including support for Visual Studio 2005, multiplayer support over System Link and LIVE, and many more features and enhancements, many suggested by you, the community members.

昨日今日とリリース多すぎ.23 日の勉強会前に出て良かったのか大変なのか.
ちなみにベータ版では例によって (開発機ではない) Xbox 360 実機動作はできないとのこと.

1.1.7. Xbox 360 Development Console Required to Use XNA Game Studio 2.0 (Beta)

In order to develop Xbox 360 games with XNA Game Studio 2.0 (Beta), you need an Xbox 360 Development Console that is connected to PartnerNet, Microsoft's private game-developer test network. You must obtain the XNA Title Player from PartnerNet; the XNA Title Player is the software that hosts Xbox 360 games on the console. Note that the Player runs only on an Xbox 360 Development Console.